The Public Finance Modeling and Training Program

Learn Public Finance and Fixed Income Bond Modeling

The Public Finance Modeling and Training Program will provide you with a strong foundation to successfully pursue a career in Public Finance Investment Banking on Wall Street

The Public Finance Modeling and Training Program

For Investment Banking, Public Finance

The Public Finance Modeling and Training Program will provide you with a strong foundation to successfully pursue a career in Public Finance Investment Banking on Wall Street. We have created this Training Program to give you an edge as you prepare for a career in Public Finance. It contains over 200 pages of invaluable training.

Our Training Program teaches you everything you need to know to successfully prepare for a job search and interviews in Public Finance/Municipal Securities. The Training Program covers all facets of the public finance market, the underwriting process, bond math, structuring and sizing a new money issue, and building a refunding analysis model.

Acquiring these skills will give you a competitive edge against your peers as you interview for jobs on Wall Street. Your ability to convey your experience in building these financial models and your strong grasp of the industry will set you apart from other candidates.

Key Topics (View All Topics)
Introduction to Public Finance
Review of the primary and secondary market
Types of issuers of municipal debt and types of bonds
The players in the municipal market
The financing process and a comprehensive discussion of negotiated and competitive underwriting
The timetable of a bond issue
Bond Finance and Math
How a new money issue is structured and sized
Step-by-step process to build a refunding analysis model in Excel

All Topics:

Accounting Firms Calculating Accrued Interest Additional Proceeds Advanced Refunding Agreement Among Underwritiers (AAU) All-in True Interest Cost Amortization of Debt AMT Bonds Annual Debt Service Arbitrage Certificate Arbitrage Yield Auction Rate Bonds Average Life of Bonds Blue Sky Requirements Bond Counsel Bond Funds Bond Insurers Bond Pricing Bond Purchase Agreement CAB Converter Calculating Taxable equivalent yield Call Premium Callability Capital Appreciation Bonds Capital Improvement Plan Capital Markets Capitalized Interest Fund Choosing the Financing Team Comfort Letter Competitive Underwriting Process Construction Fund Continuing Disclosure Agreement Convertible Option Bonds Cost of Issuance Coupon Coupon Rate Credit Enhancement Agreement Current Refunding Dated Date Debt Service Reserve Fund (DSRF) Debt Service Structure Delivery Date Depository Trust Company Discount Bond Discounting Cash Flows Education Bonds Excel Best Practices Expenses Face Amount Federal Income Tax Exemption Financial Advisors Financial Modeling Best Practices First Coupon Date First Interest Payment Date First Maturity Date First Possible Maturity Date First Principal Payment Date Fixed Costs Flow of Funds in Primary Market General Obligation Bonds General Obligation Notes Gross Funded Construction Fund Gross Savings Guaranteed Investment Contract (GIC) Healthcare Bonds Hospital Bonds Housing Bonds Identifying Outstanding Bonds Institutional Investors Insurance Expenses Interest Rate Hedge Agreement Internal Rate of Return (IRR) IRS Form 8038 Types of Issuers Last Maturity Date Legal Opinion Liquidity Agreement Long Term Debt Issuance Management Fee Marginal Tax Rate Maturity Date Maturity of a Bond Moral Obligation Bonds Municipal Attorneys Municipal Bond Brokers Municipal Bond Dealers Municipal Bonds Municipal Derivatives Municipal Research Municipal Securities Municipal Syndicate Negotiated Underwriting Process Net Debt Service Net Funded Construction Fund Net Present Value of Cash Flows Net PV Savings ($) Net PV Savings (%) New Issue Process New Money Model Nominal Rate Non-AMT Bonds Official Statement (OS) Optional Redemption Original Issue Discount Bonds Par Value Paying Agents Political Environment Preliminary Official Statement (POS) Premium Bond Present Value (PV) Savings Pricing Date Primary Market Principal Amount Print Macros Proof of Arbitrage Yield Public Finance Investment Banking Rating Agencies Ratings Letters Refunded Bonds Refunded TIC Refunding Analysis Refunding Bonds Refunding TIC Retail Investors Revenue Anticipation Notes Revenue Bonds RFPs Sale Date Sales Secondary Market Securitized Revenue Bonds Semi-Annual Debt Service Serial Bonds Settlement Date Short Term Debt Issuance Short Term Securities Simple Compounding Sizing a New Issue Student Loan Bonds Tobacco Bonds Source of Funds Standby Bond Purchase Agreement Structuring a Bond Issue Super Sinker Bonds Takedown Tax Anticipation Notes Tax Exempt Commercial Paper Tax-exempt mutual funds Term Bonds Time Value of Money Timetable of a Bond Issue Total Debt Service Formula Trading Transportation Bonds True Interest Cost (TIC) True Interest Cost Formula Trust Indenture Trustees Underwriter's Counsel Underwriter's Discount Underwriters' Fees Underwriter's Risk Underwriting Underwriting Desk Underwriting Scale Underwriting Spread Uses of Funds Utility Bonds Variable Costs Variable Rate Demand Bonds Yield Curve

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